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Established in 1951 and being state-owned, GUANGDONG QISHUN SILK IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. has developed from a silk producing and exporting factory into a professional household appliance grouping company. It has taken over many factories that specializing in electrical kitchen appliances,   We have dominant shares in these factories and we are exclusively responsible for global sales and exporting business of these products.

The products are sold well in many areas and districts all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa and so on. The order quantity is increasing greatly year by year.

Why we're still using the name "SILK IMP. & EXP.", because QISHUN subordinates to Guangdong Silk-tex Group ( please see the group members in the left-down corner) which is located in Guangzhou.It is state-owned and  has a great reputation and significant influence in China regarding its 60 years history, powerful financial strength and splendid sales achievements around the world. Considering the changing environment and household appliances advantages of SHUNDE, QISHUN underwent a complete reform and started to march into the field of kitchen appliances in 1994. With respect and appreciation to our mother company Silk-tex Corporation for its support, we are still using the name "SILK IMP.& EXP.", though we've made great steps in the house appliances industry.

58 years of history, powerful financial strength, quality goods and first-class customer service, definitely ensure you a successful and comfortable transaction between you and me.


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